Confession Resources

The Holy Scriptures
Book: The Heresy of Orthodoxy (mentioned in video)
Video: James White & Michael Kruger on the biblical canon
Book: How to Read the Bible for All It's Worth

God and the Holy Trinity
Attributes of God
Book: Systematic Theology (very large and covers most if not all the topics we'll be discussing)
Album: "The Attributes of God" by Shai Lynne (if you like your theology set to hip-hop music
Book: None Like Him (incommunicable attributes of God)
Book: In His Image (communicable attributes of God)
Video: The Attributes of God (clip from the movie American Gospel: Christ Crucified)

The Trinity
Book: Delighting in the Trinity
1 Hr Video: Michael Reeves "Why the Trinity is so Delightful"
Book: The Deep Things of God
Short Video: Fred Sanders "Simplest Way to Understand the Trinity"
Book: The Forgotten Trinity (a little more dense, but it is free with Kindle Unlimited)

The Will of God